Monday, July 28, 2014

The day we caught the train... to market

On Friday I finally gave in and took Ian (and Iona, couldn't very well leave at home could we?) on the train. I haven't been on a train for years. Although I am not in a hurry to go on another Scotrail train for years, we did have fun.
We bought our tickets, and held them tight. Then we waited for the train... and waited... then we had a wobble about not wanting to go on because it might go too fast... then we got on and watched as the world flew past. I can't see a train without thinking of the Robert Louis Stevenson Poem, From A Railway Carriage

We got to Insch on time! Which was good as we were going to visit Insch Market. Which is on every Friday morning in the church hall. There was home bakes, fruit and veg, jams and chutneys and some Handmade goodies too. There was a very tempting stall of fresh fish and lobster but sadly we gave that a miss due to the heat. Yuck!

We did get some delicious pickle from The Kitchen of The Old Dragon, it was devoured by tea time. Tim's Garden Pickle was just devine with cheddar and ever so classy digestive biscuits... but look at those fabric covered lids. So pretty.

We are so enjoying the warm weather that we are having just now. I do hope you are having some lovely weather too.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I may not be making... but we are making memories

We are well and truly into the summer holidays, I may not be getting much crochet, sewing or drawing done as I'd like but we are making memories. Hopefully ones this two will remember forever. There have been park visits, trips to the clothes bank, trips to farm up the road to watch the combine harvester at work, walks and trips to the river... there have also been overheating, tiredness related tantrums and a few 'Mum can we do something, I'm bored's too. But what summer holiday would be without those now?
Hope your summer holidays are good fun and full of memories... what are your summer plans? Going away or staying at home?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Have you met... 100% Handmade with Love?

I am part of a great wee (actutally not so wee now) group on Facebook called 100% Handmade with Love


It's run by my good friend Krista. It's a group for Handmakers everywhere. It really is an inspirational place to hang out on Facebook.

What I love is that unlike a lot of groups this one has Share Times. Four times a week the whole group can post their makes, offers, blog posts. We still ask questions and chat etc the rest of the time but there is no advertising outwith these times. This make it less advert based and more of a community.

Krista also has a page 100%HandmadewithLove there they have great networking games.

100% Handmade with Love is becoming a well known in the Crafty community in NE Scotland and beyond.

If you are in the NE Scotland you really should check it out as Krista also hosts a whole array of Craft and Vintage Fairs. I just wish I could to get to more of them.

How Krista squeezes everything in I will never know... She raises a gorgeous wee girl the same age as Iona and also runs her own Jewelery making business too! I know... I struggle to squeeze in time to hoover the floor some days.

So pop on over and check out the page or the group on FB...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Space Playdough. A recipe...

I adore No Cook Playdough. And if it's black and sparkly then that's all the better I say!... erm, I mean my kids love Playdough. Not me. I'm a 30 year old mature... Who on earth am I kidding?

If you want to make it then this is how...

Boil the kettle,
Now grab a mug of Plain Flour,
Half a mug of Table Salt,
1 Tablespoon of Oil, I used sunflower.
1 Tablespoon of Cream of Tartar (not strictly needed but does make it more elastic-y)
1 bottle of Black food colouring
1 bottle of Blue food colouring (I liked the slightly navy effect this adds but you could just use a bottle of black)
Glitter, lots and lots of glitter.

Add dry ingredients to big bowl.
Using the mug you measured the dry things put the oil and half the food colouring in.
Now top up with the boiling water.
Add to the dry stuff and mix well.
Add more food colouring if desired (you may need to add a sprinkling of flour if you do.)
Turn out onto a floured work surface and knead for 5 minutes.
Fold in glitter and knead until mixed well.

And there you have it. No Cook Playdough!

This will keep in an airtight bag/container for ages.

Hope you try some. I'm making some yellow sparkly playdough next as Ian has asked for Sunshine dough...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I forget everything is amazing...

Oh to be 3 again. When finding a 'baby' gooseberry for your bucket of gooseberries is THE funnest thing you have done all week... and when a hammer and a garage door are the perfect instrument.
It's easy to forget that when they are small the mundane, the simple and the easiest things are often just simply amazing.
I am going to take a leaf out of Iona's book and enjoy the little things more...
Starting with my favourite simple pleasures. A cup of coffee, the household are all in bed, I have crochet to be doing and I can choose a film to watch in peace.
What are your simple pleasures?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Simple things... and hailstones in July

I got some new egg cups this week... I am far too pleased with them than I probably should be. But, look! Campervan egg cups.

Double yolker eggs, dippy ones at that in said Campervan egg cups. Ian tried and decided he liked dippy egg yolks after all just not the whites.

Steve picked up a drill thingy... now I just want to drill things. I worry about myself sometimes. But seriously an actual pull down drill. Yay!!

I adore these flowers on the bush in my garden. I have no idea what it is called but these flowers are so pretty to look at from the kitchen windowsil.

And... HAILSTONES in July. No, really. Iona loved it though. Being allowed to run through it was the highlight of her week I think!

The simple things really are the best aren't they?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nothing quite like a walk to the park...

So, we have nearly completed week one of the Summer Holidays... Luckily the weather has been quite good.

We have had a few drives to town and then just enjoyed walking around. The kids obviously adore a walk to the park. I just love walking down the lane where I used to go to school. The lamp posts are just lovely. The rows of trees... just beautiful. Yes, we could drive and park next to the park but then I wouldn't get to enjoy the lane as much. And Ian adores walking. I do miss the ability to walk everywhere, when we stayed in the flat we had a beach, a few parks, plenty of charity shops and a few nice cafes all in walking distance. Now to go anywhere we have to drive. I'm not all moaning about where I live. I love it and the views and the large garden the kids get to enjoy.

And Iona it would appear is a bit of a dardevil. Zooming along the zip wire swing (I call it a flying fox? What do you call it?) with screams of delight and many AGAIN AGAIN's.