Sunday, March 1, 2015

Look! No sleeves... crochet vests galore

 Ok, so maybe not galore but I did make 2 sleeveless vest/jumper things for the kids this week. A Tardis blue coloured The Professor (pattern from Kat Goldins Crochet at Play) for Ian. His yarn choice (Stylecraft special DK in Royal) and pattern choice. 

And this sleeveless vest based on a tutorial from Mundo Crochet for Iona. Her yarn choice (Rico creative cotton prints) and we had to use the wooden buttons. Anyone who also follows my instagram may remember me and Iona made some buttons from sticks last week. So, naturally we had to use those on the vest. Which meant I had to change the edge to accommodate the smaller button size.

I have to admit I am not loving the cotton vest Iona chose but she is delighted with it and has not taken it off since I finished it 4 hours ago. Which for the girl who NEVER wears jumpers indoors is quite an achievement. She prefers having frost bitten arms haha.

These makes should be good for the spring though. Spring always has such a lot of sunny dreams to live up to doesn't it? 

Hope you are having a lovely start to March, our Sunday is a lazy (ish) sunny (ish) one hehe...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Got some photos of a FO on small one... yay!

Finally had nice enough weather to get some pictures of Iona wearing her Silver Birch Tunic I made a few weeks ago. I just love this design. I feel we may have a few of these made this year. They are just perfect for Iona. Practical but pretty. And so many colour options too. May make a short sleeve/sleeveless one for the warmer spring/summer days.
And oh, was she hamming it up for the camera - only so she could help me hacksaw some buttons from sticks we collected on our walk. Things I do to get pics eh? Anyone else have to use bribery to get small infants to not run from camera?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kira the Kangaroo, a labour of love

 Kira is a proud but shy Mama of one baby Kanga. She was labour of love. I did enjoy every stitch but she took a lot longer than I had thought.


Kira was a little larger than I had expected. I made mine from Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed and Alpaca DK so not really sure why I was shocked she came out larger as the pattern called for 4ply. I also changed the design of the ears as the yarn I chose didn't lend well to a double thickness. Poor Kira looked like she had been in a boxing ring. I also knitted a triangle scarf for Kira instead of the long scarf in the pattern.

I love this Ocean shade of Alpaca Tweed. Such a rich shade. Have even bought another ball to make myself some new socks too.

I didn't have enough Ocean blue at the time to make the baby Kanga, so I made mine in pink instead. Which Iona was delighted with. Before I was half way through Iona spotted what I was making and starting asking if I was finished *her* Dolly Kangarooooo yet. Kira was intended as a for me crochet project but how could I say no to such a sweet girl...?

Now, to finish Ian's sweater and my new socks so I can Fibi the Fox by the same Lalylala that designed Kira.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A snow day Ta-dah!

I have admired Kat of Slugs On The Refrigerator for a while. I first found her blog when I first got a 'big camera' and found Capturing Childhood which she co-founded. Kat is a fabulous hooker and have been meaning to get her book Crochet At Play for ages. I finally got a copyand wished I had bought it sooner. I have made 3 things from it already. A flat cap (altered slightly to size up) for Ian, shiny crowns for Iona and her Dolldolls and this beauty. The Silver Birch Tunic top. I made Iona's from Sirdar Baby Crofter DK for the top and Stylecraft Life DK for the bottom. Iona described the combo as a 'Rainbow coming from a stormy cloud' which is both accurate and very poetic for a 3 year old.
I hooked the tunic up while ill last week. Having a throat infection and flu thing at the same time did lead to few errors... the top section should be made up dc'ing in the back loop but for some strange reason I seem to have read that as back loop one row and front loop next row!? Nevermind, I carried on. Then half way down the tunic section discovered I had joined the buttonhole edge wrong too! Was seriously doubting my sanity by this point. But with a quick addition of a grey buttonhole band the problem was solved. Onwards again...
Ah dagnammit! Run out yarn! Off to Mums shop shop for another ball.
At last I finished. Blocked it and Ta-Dah it is ready to wear.
Iona did not want to wear it today as she was far too busy building baby snowmen and sliding along the ploughed road. Fair enough, I guess.

Oh and I made a matching top for Baby Born. It is a little on the snug style but Baby Born says she doesn't mind...

Funny how even though we know something isn't quite as the pattern requested we still love them isn't it? Perfectly imperfect, or something like that...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wee Yeti - Crochet Pattern

It's hard to be heard when you have no mouth...

I had made the Rainbow Unicorn and the Travoltacorn for Iona. Ian asked if I could make him a snow monster, no a yeti, no a snow monster, no! Actually, yeah a Yeti. But a little Yeti I can out in my pocket. He has to be strong Yeti to beat up the snow monster...

I think this fella fits the bill. Ian did declare 'Mum he is cool. And so strong. Look at his muscles!' when he got up in the morning. Usually my makes are greeted with a Gru's Mum style 'Mehhh...'

If you want to make a Wee Yeti then this is how.

First you will need some yarn.
You only need tiny amounts, I used scraps of a sparkly white DK yarn and scraps of Stylecraft Special DK in Cloud Blue.
You will need some stuffing and a set of small safety eyes, I used 6mm ones.
A 3mm hook will keep the stitches nice and tight so the stuffing won't show through.

This is Amigurumi so is worked in spirals, without joining or turning at the end of each row.

Arms (make 2)

Start with a magic loop in Cloud Blue
1. 6dc in the loop
2. *2dc in next dc, dc in next dc* repeat 3 times (9 stitches)
3-4. dc in each dc
Change to white yarn
5. dc in each dc
6. 2dctog, 5 dc, 2dctog (7 stitches)
7-12 dc in each dc.
Cut yarn but leave a tail for sewing to body later.
Stuff his hands well, but don't stuff all the way up arms.

Face panel.

Chain 5 in Cloud Blue
Starting with 2nd chain from hook dc in first 3 dc then 2dc in last chain.
Work on other side of chain stitches
3dc then 2dc in last chain. This leaves a loop of 10 stitches.
dc in first 4 dc

dc in next dc, 2dc in next, dc in next 4, 2dc in next, dc in next dc.
slip stitch to next dc and fasten off leaving a tail for sewing on body later.

Legs (make 2)

Start with a Magic Loop in Cloud Blue
1. 6 dc in the loop
2. *2dc in next dc, dc in next* repeat 3 times (9 stitches)
3. dc in each dc
Change to white yarn
4. dc in each dc
5. dc in each dc.

Fasten off yarn on first leg, on second leg don't.

Join legs to start body as below.

Take the two legs and chain 2 from the second leg and slip stitch to the first leg.
Then 7 dc on second leg (leaving 2 dc unworked, the stitch you joined with slip stitch to first leg and one stitch next to it.
Chain 2 and join with slip stitch to the first leg (the second stitch from the base of two chain stitches to join the first and second leg.)
Now 7 dc on first leg as before.

You will be left with two joined legs.

Start the body.

1. dc in each of the first 7dc, dc in each of the 2 chain stitches, dc in each of the next 7dc and dc in each of the second set of chain stitches. (you will now have 18 dc in your round)
2. dc in each dc (18 stitches)
3. dc in first 16 dc, 2dc in next 2 dc (20 stitches) - your increases should be at the front of your yeti to make his chubby tummy.
4. dc in each until last 2 dc. 2dc in last 2 dc (22 stitches)
5 - 9 dc in each dc
10. *dc in next dc, 2dctog* repeat 7 times, dc in last dc (14 stitches)

Now use the safety eyes to attach the face panel to the front of work and use the tail end of blue yarn to stitch fully. Stuff the legs and body now.

11. *dc in next dc, 2dctog* repeat 5 times, (9 stitches)

12. 2dctog around until you have 5 stitches.

Cut yarn and use the tail to sew the hole on top of head up and then finish off yarn.

Sew on arms.

Use some sparkly white yarn to add a tiny tassle hairdo if you wish.

Now give him a name and let him scare tiny snow monsters...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet Maile the Mermaid, a free crochet pattern

Maile is a very shy mermaid, she only pops her head out of the water for the sparkliest of stars or the gentlest of people...


She is only tiny you see and is scared those seagulls will swoop her up.

If you want to make Maile I have written the wee pattern for you.

Maile the Mermaid

She is crocheted in the amigurumi style, in a spiral without joining or turning at the end of rounds.
Her tail fins are crocheted in little rows.
I use a magic loop but if you prefer you could *Chain 4, joining with slipstitch, ch 1* and then follow rest of pattern instead.
I use UK terms.

You will need

DK yarn in skin colour (I used Stylecraft stone), and whatever colours you wish for hair and tail. I used scraps of Violet, Blue and Sparkly white.
3mm hook, or whatever size you require for a tight stitch so her stuffing stays in
8mm safety eyes
Yarn needle for sewing in ends and attaching body parts.


Make a magic loop in Stone
1. 6dc into loop
2. 2dc in each dc (12 stitches)
3. *dc in next dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (18 stitches)
4. *2 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (24 st)
5. * 3 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (30 st)
6-9. dc in each dc
10. * 3 dc, 2dctog* 6 times (24 st)
11. *2 dc, 2dctog* 6 times (18 st)
Attach eyes between rows 7 & 8 approx 10 stitches apart
12. *1dc, 2dctog* 6 times (12st)
Stuff head
13. 2dctog 6 times (6 stitches)

Finish yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing head to body later.


Make a magic loop in Stone
1. 6dc into loop
2. 2dc in each dc
3. dc in each dc (12 st)
Stuff the hand a little.
4. 2dctog 6 times (6 st)
5-13. dc in each dc. finish yarn leaving a tail for sewing arms to body later.


Using Blue yarn, leaving a longish tail to sew to tail later)
1. 3 chain
2. starting in second chain from hook, dc in each dc (2st)
3. Ch1, turn, 2dc in first dc, dc (3 st)
4. Ch1, turn, 2dc in first dc, 2 dc (4 st)
5. Ch1, turn, 2dc in first dc, 3 dc (5 st)
6. Ch1, turn, dc in each dc (5 st)
7. Ch1, turn, 2dctog, dc, 2dctog (3 st)
8. Ch1, turn, 2dctog, dc (2 st)
9. Ch1, turn, 2dctog (1 st)
Finish yarn, weave in this end.


Working from bottom up

With Violet yarn
Make a Magic Loop
1. 6dc in ML
2. dc in each dc (6 st)
3. *1dc, 2dc in next dc* 3 times (9 st)
4. dc in each dc
5. dc in each dc
6. *2 dc in next dc, 2 dc* 3 times (12 st)
7. dc in each dc
8. *2 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (18 st)
9. dc in each dc
10. * 3 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (24 st)
11-18 dc in each dc
Change to Stone yarn
19. 5dc, 2dctog, 12 dc, 2dctog, 5dc (22 st)
20. 5dc, 2dctog, 10 dc, 2dctog, 5dc (20 st)
21. *2dctog, 2 dc* 5 times (15 st)
Stuff tail and body (but leave the very tip of tail unstuffed, up to row 5 ish)
22. *2dctog, dc* 5 times (10 st)
23 *2dctog* 5 times (5 st)

Fasten off yarn. Sew HEAD to BODY


Using sparkly white make a Magic Loop
1. 6 dc into ML
2. 2dc in each loop
3. *1 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (18 st)
4. *2 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (24st)
5. *3 dc, 2dc in next dc* 6 times (30st)
6-8. dc in each dc
The next two rows create a wavy hairline. If you prefer you could just dc in each for a further 2 rows for a straight hair edge.
9. 3dc, 2htr, 4tr, 3htr, dc, htr, 5tr, htr, dc, 3htr, 2tr, 2htr, 2dc.
10. 5dc, 4htr, 5dc, 5htr, 5dc, 2htr, 4dc, slip stitch to next stitch. Leave a tail for sewing to head.

Using Blue yarn
1. starting 2nd ch from hook. dc, 3tr in next ch, dc, dc, 3tr in next ch, dc
2. chain 18 and slip stitch to other side of bikini.
Place over body, cut yarn leaving a tail for sewing to body.
Now at the top of one Bikini shell reattach yarn, chain 10 and attach to other shell, going around back of Mermaids neck.

Place the HAIR over the head and use pins to help sew to head.
Attach lengths of yarn to the base of the HAIR at the back and sides, use the same method you would to attach tassels to a scarf.


Make a magic loop in Blue Yarn
1. 8dc in magic loop,
2. *dc, htr* 4 times, slip stitch to join.
Sew to hair

And there you have it. Maile the Mermaid. A small crochet Mermaid.

If you make her I would love to see her...


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mr Fox

I haven't told you about this fellow yet have I? Meet Mr Fox. He was a last minute crochet Christmas gift for Ian. He is very long limbed, big eared, lanky with thoughtful eyes and a cunning personality. Just like Ian (shhh, don't tell him I said he has big ears haha)
The pattern is by A[mi]dorable in Issue 56 of Inside Crochet (which is a back issue. The same one I got the Fidra Mitts pattern from. But you can still get it in digital format). Jackie of A[mi]dorable Crochet creates the cutest Amigurumi - including a crochet version of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Genius.
Anyway, this pattern is easy to make. A little bigger than most of my Amigurumi but he was well worth the extra time. The long lanky legs and those epic ears! I just love those ears!
 I made this Mr Fox with my old faithful Stylecraft Special DK (copper, black and cream) and a 3.5mm hook.
Ian loves him, even if the bigger flashier gifts he got outshone Mr Fox on Christmas day. Mr Fox goes to bed each night with Ian. Now that is a success as Ian normally takes only his Copper dog and a car park worth of toy cars. Seriously? How do kids sleep with hard toys in their space?

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